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  • Staycation: Randolph Street Market

    Randolph Street Market is an outdoor and indoor year round festival. It’s a shopping, eating and drinking extravaganza just West of the downtown area! Over 300 vendors travel display and sell the best vintage, antique, art, vinyl, indie designer goods, global goods, eats and drinks! Randolph Street Market – 1340 W. Washington St. – West Loop – (312) 666-1200

  • Staycation: Movies In The Parks

    Pack your cooler and grill Movies in the Parks is a fun and free night out for the whole family. Check the calendar to find a neighborhood near you featuring everything from classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood and retro childhood favorites, to the best family-friendly box office favorites from recent years. Movies In The Parks – Showtimes

  • Staycation: Lyric Opera

    You might think to go to the opera for a performance… but what about a backstage tour? The Lyric Opera offers regular sneak peeks behind the scenes! Learn about the history of the iconic theater, and even explore the costumes up close in a few of their many wardrobe rooms. It’s a creative way to take advantage of one of the city’s greatest cultural institutions. Lyric Opera – 20 N Upper Wacker Dr. – Loop – (312) 827-5600  

  • Staycation: Eataly Chicago

    Why waste a day flying to Italy for vacation when you can get fresh Italian pasta, cheese, and imported wine right in downtown Chicago? Eataly is known for its restaurants and shopping, but its lesser-known cooking and cheese-making classes make for a fun and different staycation activity! Dawn and Chris make fresh mozzarella by hand before watching a homemade pasta recipe as its being prepared. They finish their evening tasting their work, paired with Italian wine of course! All of […]

  • Staycation: Cantigny Park

    Museums, gardens and golf! Cantigny Park has something for everyone. Whether you want to walk the grounds and explore all it has to offer or just take a tour of the Robert McCormick House Museum. Spend a day or a full weekend. There are special events year round as well. Cantigny Park – 1s151 Winfield Rd. – Wheaton – (630) 668-5161

  • Going Green: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

    Dawn got to interact with two exhibits at the Nature Museum, Our House and the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. Our House takes children and adults through Chicago’s four seasons of climate change challenges and presents creative solutions that reduce our environmental impact and support natural habitats for plants and animals. The Butterfly Haven houses over 1,000 species of butterflies. You can duck and dodge them in their own environment to see how they live with insects and birds. Peggy Notebaert Nature […]

  • Going Green: Creative Reuse Warehouse

    Creative Reuse Warehouse is limiting waste in landfills by collecting overruns, rejects, and by‑products that businesses and industry don’t want anymore. The materials are re-imagined into educational and artistic resources for teachers, artists or the common man. All materials are sold at an extremely low price, entirely donation based. Dawn walked out of the store with stickers, vases and zipper ornaments! Creative Reuse Warehouse – 222 E. 135 Pl. – Riverdale – (773) 821-1351

  • Going Green: The Plant

    To make Chicago healthier and more efficient, Plant Chicago is developing innovative methods for sustainable food production, energy conservation and material reuse. Sixteen businesses including a brewery and a bakery are sharing excess materials to avoid the landfills. Dawn becomes friends with worms to start her own compost pile at home. The Plant – 1400 W 46th St. – Back of the Yards – (773) 847-5523

  • Going Green: Great Lakes Action Days

    Great Lakes Action Days are an easy and fun way to get involved with cleaning up our environment. Regular beach cleanups around the downtown and suburbs not only help our lakes, our drinking water, and our wildlife, but help educate those who participate. Dawn recorded and weighed the trash she found on the beach. Then weeded out invasive species to protect the plants around the beach. Great Lakes Action Days – Loop – (312) 692-3330

  • Going Green: Sprout Home

    Sprout Home is a green oasis in the middle of the city where you can shop for plants, flowers, or in our case – take a terrarium-making class! Dawn and her friend Tiffany learn about planting techniques and maintenance, all while having some fun and getting creative with their indoor gardening designs. It’s a fun and easy way to do something for yourself while learning about the environment. Sprout Home – 745 N Damen Ave. – West Town – (312) 226-5950